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Stanton Moore Drum Academy | Blog

Masterclass and Clinics

Hello SMDA community, I would like to start doing some small masterclasses in conjunction with some of my SMDA members. I’m planning on doing them at teaching practices, homes or drum shops. We can do them anywhere. I'm going to being touring a good bit with Galactic in the coming months and can do masterclasses during the day, or after sound check if need be. You check my schedule at stantonmoore.com to see where I'll be.

My idea is to grow the SMDA community in person as well as online. I want to do this with individuals as well as private teachers. My goal is to have private teachers use SMDA and the material provided here as curriculum to enhance their practices. So if you are a private teacher or if you are taking from one, I would love to come give a masterclass to the whole practice if possible.

Let me know if any of you would like to host me when I’m in your area. Hope to see some of y'all in person soon!

Thanks! Stanton