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Stanton Moore Drum Academy | Blog

Beat of the Month

With the Beat of the Month, I invite my SMDA members to submit 15 second clips of themselves playing one of their favorite beats. Each month, I select one beat, and post a video response playing my version of the same beat. In this blog I’d like to showcase a few of the ones I’ve received and show the accompanying video I made.

January 2018

This beat was submitted by member Mark Jilbert. I've been teaching Mark via Skype for a while now and he has asked me questions that have inspired me to write several of the written lessons and worksheets I've posted in SMDA. This is a fun linear groove that I played on the hi hat and cowbell. This one’s fun and challenging to play.  

August 2017

Nolan Lehman is one of the younger students to submit a beat on SMDA. He came up with fun rendition of the funky RLRR-LRRL sticking. His dad is the one who showed him that sticking which ended up inspiring him to make the video. Great interaction, like this always makes me happy.

March 2017

Talking about groove, this one was an odd-time beat submitted by David Hurlin. This one’s in ⅞, with no real traditional back beat with the snare, forcing you to count along. It’s got a nice open feeling with room for improvising and I had a blast playing this one!

If you want to check out more of the beat of the months login or sign up for SMDA for $19 a month or $199 for a yearly subscription where you can submit your own beats to be featured.