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The Story Behind Sabian Crescent Cymbals “Stanton Moore Collection”

Back in 2016, I partnered with Sabian on my new line of signature cymbals called: “Cresent by Sabian”. Long story short, Sabian decided to buy the company that I, Jeff Hamilton, Michael Vosbein and Bill Norman were a part of. When we started, all of the cymbals were hand made in Turkey to our specifications so we wanted to keep that level of quality when we expanded. The initial decision to go with Sabian was that they were able to continue to hand make our cymbals to our specifications, but they were also able to provide their reach so we could get the cymbals in the hands and ears of more people.


14" Hi Hats

We went from being a boutique company to partnering with one of the biggest in the world (with the production to keep up with the demand).

When I initially conceptualized my signature line, I wanted to come up with a set of cymbals that would work in funk, in jazz, and the heavier stuff that I do, and would basically serve me well in any of the musical connotations that I would find myself in.


16" Smash Crash

I had the opportunity before I went to the factory in Meductic to meet up with Charlie Brown, one of the head hammerers, and I watched what he was doing. He’s such a master that everything was just coming out too precise. I said to him "Mr. Brown, no offense, but you're too good at what you do." He chuckled and I asked him if maybe we could try using not just one hammer but using different hammers. Then I asked if maybe we could get a couple of side swiped hammer markings. It starts to create different sound waves that are not so pristine and so precise.

images.jpg?mtime=20180501220441#asset:4375:profileCharlie looked at me like I was a little bit crazy and said “You’re sure you want to do that?” Charlie had to hit on the side, and this was very foreign to him. He says, “You mean like this?” It was almost not in his character to do it. We get this little fingernail looking indentation in the cymbal. I said, “Yeah, exactly like that,” and I could show them how I was getting that in some of the Turkish stuff that I was having made. He was initially a little bit reserved to try and do these different hammer markings as he doesn’t want to create any weak spots in the cymbal where a crack could start. So far, I haven’t cracked a single cymbal that has been made in the Sabian factory, so things are going great with that.


20" Pang Thang

My complete line includes 14” and 15” Fat Hats that are dryer making them great for funk and Jazz, 16” and 18” Smash Crashes that have a quick decay, a 20” Pang Thang which doesn’t quite sound like a china cymbal but not much like a traditional crash, a 20” Trash Crash that has a unique trashy sound created from the potholes put into it, and a 20” and 22” Wide Ride which is versatile enough where you can ride on it or crash hard into it.


20" Trash Crash

I’m really excited about my new signature line with Crescent by Sabian that when I released them I was able to create a video with Sabian showcasing my line of cymbals.

I’m excited to be part of the Sabian roster and to be working hand in hand with Mark Love at the factory to create some cymbals that I’m really excited about. I can’t wait for you to hear and to play, and I can’t wait to get some of your feedback.


22" Wide Ride

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