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  • How It Works
    Getting Started with Stanton Moore Drum Academy

How It Works

A brief overview

Fresh Approach

34 in-depth video lessons from the book Fresh Approach to Drumset (9 hours of lessons!) are available for streaming. This video series takes you from beginner through intermediate levels and also covers advanced topics. Working through this video lesson series will provide you with a solid foundation you can carry in any direction you want.

Beat of the Month

Subscribers can submit 15 second clips of themselves playing one of their favorite beats. Each month, I’ll select one beat, post it and also post a video of me playing my version of the same beat.

Upload Videos

Upload your own videos of techniques and lessons that you have been working on for other members of the community to view and comment.

Stanton's Picks

Find the best resources for drumming inspiration from educational books to nightly live music!

Big Chief

Get 10 students of your own to achieve Big Chief status! You’ll receive additional discounts on your membership plus Fresh Approach for free!

Master Class

Master Classes are reserved for members who've demonstrated mastery of the Drum Academy curriculum. These classes are offered in person, online and live streaming. Annual Membership receives Master Class Discounts.

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